Procurement and Material Management

Fairfax County, Virginia

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Lee Ann Pender,
Chief Procurement Officer

Department Management

The Fairfax County Purchasing Resolution authorizes the director of the Department of Procurement and Material Management to be the County Purchasing Agent and charges the director to "carry out the principles of modern central procurement and material management in accordance with applicable laws and regulations…" The resolution also specifically assigns the director responsibility for “management of all supplies and equipment” including “physical accountability of consumable supplies and accountable equipment.”

The director has organized the department into four divisions: Department Management, Contracts, Material Management, and Business and Technical Solutions. Working together, all four divisions provide critical services in support of the department’s mission.   The Department strives to develop strategic alliances with suppliers and County departments to secure quality goods and services in a timely manner and at a reasonable cost, while ensuring that all purchasing actions are conducted fairly and impartially and in accordance with applicable legal requirements. 

Administration Division

The Administration Division provides overall direction, leadership, and managerial oversight to the Department. This includes performing the function of Purchasing Agent for the county Board of Supervisors and the Fairfax County Public School Board. The Agency Management Division also provides internal staff support to the DPMM employees to include all human resources support and fiscal management activities. These activities are intricately interwoven into the overall operation of the department.   

A 1981 Board of Supervisors mandate established Small Business Enterprise Program and assigned the director, DPMM, responsibility for increasing the participation of small and minority business community in county procurement activities. An assigned Vendor Relations liaison who has primary responsibility to ensure that small businesses, minority-owned businesses and women-owned businesses are treated fairly and have an opportunity to compete for the county's contract dollars. The Vendor Relations liaison engages in a variety of outreach efforts, including counseling and assistance, which are intended to maximize prime and subcontract opportunities for small, minority-owned businesses and women-owned businesses.

The Vendor Relations liaison has additional responsibility of providing staff support to the Small Business Commission appointed by the Board of Supervisors.  

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