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Martin Ortiz-Gonzalez,
Streetlight Staff Engineer

County-Funded Installations

There is no funding available to address new citizen petitions at this time.

General Conditions

The county will determine the locations, quantity and size of the requested streetlights required to properly light a given area to meet adopted illumination standards. For a typical residential roadway, the span between streetlights is 150-170 feet. Contingent upon the availability of funds in this program, there is no direct cost to the property owners/residents for the installation of the requested streetlights (unless Mercury Vapor streetlights are requested). For more information about streetlights and eligibility please see a Petition Form. In addition, Fairfax County will assume all costs associated with the operation and maintenance of eligible streetlights. Petitioners may review (if requested in the petition form) the streetlight layout for their information and comments. Thereafter, a final street lighting layout is sent to the utility company for engineering and cost estimating purposes. The utility company may need easements from the property owners, and these easements must be granted at a nominal cost ($1.00) to the utility company. The utility company will send for signature easement agreements and plats to those home owners where easements are needed. The installation of all streetlights is governed by the Board of Supervisors' adopted policies, the terms and conditions of the contract with the utility companies, and Virginia Department of Transportation requirements.

Special Streetlight Programs

If you require any additional information about the programs listed below, please contact the Streetlight Engineering Team at 703-324-5800, TTY 711 or email to

Communities Contributing Funds For Streetlights

If funds in the Citizen Petition Streetlight Program are not available at the time of the request, the petitioners have the option of providing the necessary funds for the installation of new streetlights. Upgrading Existing Streetlights: Older streetlights that do not meet current street lighting standards will be upgraded by the county upon citizen request. This is contingent upon availability of funds at the time of the request. The upgrading of existing street lights shall conform to the Policy and Procedures Governing Requests to Upgrade Existing Streetlights.

Eligibility Requirements

Only Virginia Department of Transportation maintained roadways are eligible for streetlights. A Petition Form must be submitted to the county and be signed by at least a simple majority of the residents whose property abuts the section of road to be lit. The area for which streetlights are requested must meet current approved eligibility requirements, i.e., "Selected Nighttime Event Rate" and "Accident Rate" as determined by the Fairfax County Police Department.

Lighting Fixtures

The available lighting fixtures shall consist of the standard "Cobrahead" or the "Colonial" style fixtures. The Colonial style fixture is intended for use in residential areas that meet all of the following conditions:

  • Roadways with curb-and-gutter section
  • Areas with underground electrical distribution
  • Roadways with traffic counts of less than 3,000 vehicles/day
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