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tern Fence Lizard

(Sceloporus undulatus)


This lizard is covered with rough
scales. Its body is gray, brown
or rusty in color with rippling
crossbands on its back and cream
color underneath. The adult male
may have blue on its belly and
throat. The adult is nine to 19
centimeters long. It matures at one
to two years old. They mate from
April to August. Females provide
no care after laying up to 13 eggs,
which hatch in eight to ten weeks. Hatchlings have a high death rate. Eastern
Fence Lizards live about four years on average.

Males “jiggle” to attract females. Distribution and Habitat
They bob their heads, do push-ups
and puff themselves up for four to This lizard is found in all five
five seconds at a time. physiographic provinces. It lives in
sunny open areas in pine, hardwood
and deciduous forests, tree stands
in old fields and urban or suburban

Role in Food Web

The Eastern Fence Lizard eats
insects and other arthropods,
including ants, beetles, weevils,
lady bugs, spiders, centipedes,
grasshoppers, stinkbugs, blow
flies, moths, roaches, millipedes
and snails. Predators include larger
lizards, birds, Black Rat Snakes,
Prairie Kingsnakes, cottonmouths,
Northern Copperheads, dogs and

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