Page 128 - A Field Guide to Fairfax County's Plants and Wildlife
P. 128
Activity: What’s in that stream?

Everyone lives in a watershed. A watershed is simply an area of land that
drains to a particular body of water like a pond, lake, stream or river. You
may have seen a small trickle or a large sheet of water flowing across
a road, parking lot or sidewalk during a steady rainfall. That water was
on its way to the nearest body of water or stormwater drainage system.
Have you ever wondered how stormwater interacts with the landscape
and the various activities occurring in it? Take a look at the drawing of a
neighborhood. What might it mean for stormwater to come into contact
with some of the items in the picture?

How might runoff affect the quality of the water in the stream? How might
it affect plants and animals living in the stream? Did you identify any items
in the landscape that might benefit or harm the stream’s inhabitants?
Challenge yourself! Now think about your own neighborhood. List some
of the things that stormwater will come into contact with. Did you list
any items that are not in this drawing? What are some of the things your
family could do to reduce the chances of stormwater coming into contact
with pollutants in your neighborhood?

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