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Craig Carinci,
Director, Stormwater Planning

Accotink Tributary at Danbury Forest Stream Restoration (SD000031-179)

Project Update: July 15, 2021

Construction is tentatively scheduled to begin in fall 2022 and is dependent upon future budget availability and allocations.

Project Background

The tributary to Accotink Creek is in the Accotink Creek Watershed, upstream of Lake Fairfax. The existing channel is eroded and actively downcutting and widening. The stream receives flow from several stormwater outfalls that convey water from the surrounding neighborhoods, schools and commercial areas. The project was identified for implementation in the Accotink Creek Watershed Management Plan. In March of 2017 staff of the Stormwater Planning Division initiated the design of the project and coordination with the Danbury Forest Homeowners Association.

Project Description

The stream restoration plan utilizes Natural Channel Design (NCD) techniques to create a stable channel cross section, longitudinal profile and planform geometry for the severely degraded stream channel. NCD restores a degraded stream by mimicking the characteristics of a stable, natural stream. Using geomorphic principles, NCD achieves long term, self-sustaining stability given current and future flow rates. The project will restore approximately 4,000 linear feet of a tributary to Accotink Creek within the Danbury Forest neighborhood, upstream Lake Accotink.

The project will improve water quality by restoring the ability of the stream and riparian corridor to biogeochemically process phosphorous, nitrogen and sediment. This is achieved by stabilizing the channel, installation of grade control structures, floodplain reconnection, enhancement of the channel’s hyporheic zone, incorporation of large woody debris into the channel substrate and native landscape plantings.

Project Location

Map - Accotink Tributary at Danbury Forest Stream Restoration



Design Completion Summer 2021
Start of Construction Fall 2022
Substantial Completion of Construction Fall 2023

What To Expect

Installation of a staging and stockpile area on the floodplain, adjacent to Driveway Road off Rolling Road. Installation of fencing to define the limits of disturbance and tree protection areas. Installation of timber matting along the construction access pathways to protect trees and utilities.

When construction begins, equipment and materials will be transported along Driveway Road to the staging and stockpile area and then along the construction access pathways on the floodplain and the Dominion right of way to the active construction areas along the channel. Signage for construction vehicle access will be posted along the Driveway Road, which is an extension of Lake Accotink Rail Trail.

Construction activities will occur throughout the week starting after 7 a.m. on weekdays. Note that at some periods during construction work may occur on weekends after 9 a.m. Construction activities are permitted until 9 pm throughout the week and weekend.

Project Cost and Funding Source

The cost of the design and construction inspections task order equals $1,105,000 and is paid for by the county’s Stormwater Service District.

Presentations to the Community

A community meeting and presentation for the project was held on November 18, 2018. The meeting attendees included county Department of Public Works and Environmental Services (DPWES) staff, Fairfax County Park Authority staff, members of the Danbury Forest community and members of the Friends of Accotink Creek. Subsequent project meetings were held with DPWES staff and the Danbury Forest Board of Directors.


For more information email Project Manager Justin Pistore, Project Manager, Stormwater Planning Division, Department of Public Works and Environmental Services or call 703-324-2467, TTY 711.

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