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Craig Carinci,
Director, Stormwater Planning

Leigh Meadow and Towlston Meadow Stormwater Basins & Stream Restoration (0584DP/0103DP)

Current conditions
Current conditions

Current conditions

Project Update: June 2, 2021

Project Background and Description

The project includes the retrofit of two existing stormwater detention basins and restoration of approximately 1,600 linear feet of an unnamed tributary to Difficult Run. These stormwater management facilities were originally built more than 35 years ago along with the Leigh Meadow and Towlston Meadow subdivisions and are managed by Fairfax County. As part of regular operation and maintenance, county staff identified the dam embankment of one of the facilities and receiving stream were eroding affecting the function and safety of the facility.

These stormwater management facilities treat runoff from the community before it is discharged to the stream. The stream channel originates on private property and flows southwest until it enters a storm drain system that flows under Tuba Court. One basin (0584DP) is on Leigh Meadow homeowners association (HOA) property and another basin (0103DP), is on Towlston Meadow HOA property.

These facilities are being retrofitted to improve water quality and protect downstream properties. In addition, approximately 1,600 feet of stream channel will be restored. This is a high priority project due to the need to protect infrastructure, address the severity of erosion, the location of the channel in the headwaters of the Difficult Run Watershed, and the interest and support of the community.

Project Location

map - Leigh Meadow and Towlston Meadow Stormwater Basins & Stream Restoration project

The project is located along Robnel Place in Leigh Meadow and Towlston Meadow communities.

The project site can be viewed by going to the Fairfax County Stormwater Projects Page and typing in Leigh Meadow and Towlston Basin (0584DP/0103DP) in the search window in the upper left corner of the screen.

Project Benefits

  • Repair and improve function of exiting stormwater management facilities
  • Improve water quality by removing Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Total Suspended Solids
  • Protect property and public infrastructure
  • Restore the ecological function of the stream corridor
  • Improve instream and riparian habitat for wildlife
  • Create a safe and sustainable stream valley for the community

Project Phase


Project Timeline

Construction began October 2020.

What to Expect

Construction access and deliveries will enter the site from access points at Robnel Place. Residents should expect periodic deliveries of material using dump trucks to the site throughout the week starting after 7 a.m. on weekdays.  Note that at some periods during construction, work may occur on weekends. Deliveries on those days would occur after 9 a.m.

Project Cost and Funding Source

Restoring the stream channel and retrofitting two basins is estimated to cost $1.9 million. Stormwater projects are funded through the county Stormwater Service District.

Presentations to the Community

The project was presented through community meetings held on: January 2016, July 2016, January 2018, October 2018.


For questions about the project, please contact the Project Manager or Construction Manager

Project Manager

Fred Wilkins
Fairfax County Department of Public Works and Environmental Services
Stormwater Planning Division
Office: 703-509-0511, TTY 711

Construction Manager:

Jay Horstman
Fairfax County Department of Public Works and Environmental Services
Utilities Design and Construction Division
Office: 703-324-5111, TTY 711

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