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Stacey A. Kincaid,

Electronic Incarceration Program

The Electronic Incarceration Program (EIP) is an extension of the Work Release Program. It is a cost-effective method of incarceration by electronic monitoring that allows inmates to remain productive in society. Instead of returning to jail at the end of the workday, the inmate goes home, and the house becomes the jail cell. An inmate is allowed to work 12 hours per day, six days per week, and must have at least one day off. An inmate must work a minimum of 36 hours a week.

EIP participants are either directly court ordered into the program or are placed into the program by the Sheriff. The Sheriff's criteria for acceptance into EIP are:

  • Sentenced to two years or less. Also must have a minimum of 30 days remaining to serve.
  • No outstanding charges, detainers, or out-of-state time.
  • No convictions for sex crimes or a child related crime.
  • No pattern or history of violent crime.
  • Not incarcerated for distribution of a controlled drug.
  • No escapes from custody.
  • Not previously revoked from the program during this period of incarceration.
  • Reside in Virginia.
  • May be required to participate in a substance abuse treatment program.
  • Submit to random/unannounced home checks and screenings for drugs and alcohol.

Offender Payment

Virginia Code 53.1-131 requires that all offenders in the Electronic Incarceration Program pay a portion of their earnings to defray costs associated with the program. The payments go into the General Account Fund for Fairfax County. The Work Release and Electronic Incarceration programs generate approximately $350,000 for the fund each year.

For more information about the Electronic Incarceration Program, contact the vocational staff at 703-246-2208 [TTY 711].