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Work Release Eligibility

The Work Release Program is a structured residential-based program that enables selected inmates to work and participate in community programs to aid their transition back into the community upon their release. Work release participants are either directly court ordered into the program or are placed into the program by the Sheriff's Office. The criteria for acceptance into the Work Release Program are as follows:

  • Sentenced AND within 18 months of release AND a minimum of 30 days remaining to serve
  • Voluntary participation
  • No outstanding charges or detainers
  • No history of violent, sex or child-related crime
  • No history of escapes from custody
  • Resides in one of the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments jurisdictions (within 50 mile radius of AIB facility)
  • May be required to attend substance abuse and/or mental health programs concurrent with placement in program
  • Placement approved by sentencing court
  • Must produce two consecutive clean urine screens prior to placement
  • No out-of-state court placements

A sentencing judge is not obligated to comply with the Sheriff's Office criteria for program placement; however, the Sheriff's Office may provide the court with additional information about offenders ordered into the program, which may cause the court to rescind the order for work release placement.

For more information about the Work Release Program, contact the vocational staff at 703-246-2208, TTY 711.

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