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Energy Conservation Projects for Community Associations and Places of Worship

Energy Auditor inspects attic insulation and HVAC. Photo Credit Energy Action Fairfax

Energy Conservation Projects

Reduce energy use. Save money. Cut carbon emissions.

  • Who Can Apply?

    Community Associations and Places of Worship in Fairfax County are eligible for energy funding. Common Interest Communities can include civic, condo or homeowner associations or housing cooperatives; projects must be installed on shared property. Places of worship must be 501(c)3 organizations. Note that this is more limited than the watershed program. See below for more energy resources for homeowners and businesses.
  • How Much Reimbursement?

    50% of costs up to $5000.
  • Maintenance Requirement?

    Energy projects need to be maintained and kept in place for 10 years.
  • Where Does the Funding Come From?

    The Fairfax County Environmental Improvement Program is funding this effort, and it is administered by the Northern Virginia Soil and Water Conservation District.

Energy Project Types:

Energy Audit. Have a certified energy auditor perform an assessment and report on civic/homeowner association building(s). 50% match up to $750.

Air Sealing and Insulation: Maintain an airtight building envelope. (Don’t heat the outdoors in the winter.)

HVAC and Duct Sealing: Fix leaking ducts. (Don’t let conditioned air escape from ducts to an attic.)

Lighting: Keeping a community well-lit doesn’t have to be an energy drain. Lighting projects can also include occupancy sensors, timers, or photo sensors to ensure that lights turn off when not needed.

Appliances: Replace appliance dinosaurs.

Others as recommended in an energy audit.

How to Apply For Energy Funding

  • Contact NVSWCD to get started

  • Form project team

  • Organizational approval

  • Contractor bid and budget

  • Submit Application

    Applications will be evaluated on a rolling basis.
    Submit by September 1, 2017 for fall 2017 installation
    January 10 for winter installation
    March 1 for spring installation
    June 1 for summer installation
  • Download the Energy Projects Application Form