Economic Opportunity

Outcome Statement

Fairfax County is a community where all people, businesses and places are thriving economically.


(Below you will find the supporting work (to date) of this priority area. More updates will be added as the strategic planning process continues.)


  1. Economic health of local businesses and industry diversification.
  2. Personal/family financial viability and economic mobility.
  3. Skill level and readiness of local workforce.
  4. Amount of innovation-related activity in local economy.
  5. Vibrancy of all neighborhoods and business areas.


(What's an indicator? Indicators are ways to measure the county’s progress, both for the community at large and for county government. They are clear, quantifiable and they help manage progress toward achieving strategies in the strategic plan. They are statements that express what we hope to achieve. These are NOT specific performance metrics at this point.)

Challenge Questions

  1. How will Fairfax County continue to transform into an innovative economic center that can successfully compete nationally and globally?
  2. How will Fairfax County ensure all workers are well-positioned to attain the skills that will be needed to meet the requirements of the jobs of the future?
  3. How will Fairfax County continue to expand non-federal sectors of the local economy?
  4. How will Fairfax County position itself to best compete in, collaborate with and maximize its economic opportunity within the regional economy?
  5. How will Fairfax County continue to support a culture of entrepreneurship and small business development where all have opportunities to thrive?
  6. How will Fairfax County cultivate the full economic potential of all community members and places across all areas of the county, leveraging diversity as a competitive advantage for its economy?


(What's a challenge question? A challenge question is a clear articulation of the diagnosed problem/opportunity that people are experiencing. It is informed by evidence, data, subject matter expertise, outside-in perspectives and on-the-ground realities. Challenge questions are phrased in a way that drives toward an impact, allowing for a variety of solutions.)

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