Housing and Neighborhood Livability

Outcome Statement

Fairfax County is a place that fosters an enjoyable, affordable living experience for all people.


(Below you will find supporting work of this priority area to date. More updates will be added as the strategic planning process continues.)


  1. Quantity and density of housing stock in relation to county population growth (per sub-county geographic units).
  2. Quality and affordability of housing stock.
  3. Accessibility/proximity of county residents to desired amenities, including transit.
  4. Flexibility in, and adaptability of, land use regulations in response to market demands.
  5. Community health (measured at the neighborhood level).


(What's an indicator? Indicators are ways to measure the county’s progress, both for the community at large and for county government. They are clear, quantifiable and they help manage progress toward achieving strategies in the strategic plan. They are statements that express what we hope to achieve. These are NOT specific performance metrics at this point.)

Challenge Questions

  1. How will the county encourage/incentivize and collaborate with developers/builders (for-profit and nonprofit, faith-based landowners, etc.) to address affordable housing and a range of housing options while maintaining the quality and desirability of built communities (new and redeveloped)?
  2. How will the county address trends — desirability, neighborhood choice for existing and future residents — to support regeneration, so that housing and neighborhoods both maintain the residents and the desired features/elements, while addressing evolving wants and needs?
  3. How will we ensure that Fairfax County is welcoming to seniors and ensure that our seniors have the livability resources to age in place or otherwise stay within the county?
  4. How will we encourage healthy placemaking without “homogenizing,” while continuing to welcome newcomers of different ages, family status and economic status and ensuring the desired housing type is available to them?
  5. How will the county provide a framework that allows higher density, mixed-use and pedestrian-oriented development where it is most appropriate (e.g., near transit) and provides for thoughtful transitions to less densely developed areas, while promoting the delivery of affordable units?
  6. How will the county support creation and evolution of communities where people can live, work and recreate so that residents can reduce reliance on a car and walk/bike and take transit more frequently? What can we do to incentivize living near work?
  7. How will the county educate residents on the many livability and affordable housing resources available (transit, public facilities, housing voucher program, etc.)?


(What's a challenge question? A challenge question is a clear articulation of the diagnosed problem/opportunity that people are experiencing. It is informed by evidence, data, subject matter expertise, outside-in perspectives and on-the-ground realities. Challenge questions are phrased in a way that drives toward an impact, allowing for a variety of solutions.)

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