Mobility and Transportation

Outcome Statement

Fairfax County is a community where residents, businesses, visitors and goods can move efficiently, affordably and safely throughout the County and beyond via our well-maintained network of roads, sidewalks, trails and transit options.


(Below you will find supporting work of this priority area to date. More updates will be added as the strategic planning process continues.)


  1. Efficiency of the county’s multimodal transportation network (congestion, travel time, etc.).
  2. Condition and cost of transportation-related infrastructure (technology, brick and mortar, communication).
  3. Safe and secure transportation network for all users (drivers, cyclists and pedestrians).
  4. Affordable and equitable accessibility to transportation options.
  5. Sustainability and environmental impact of transportation-related network and activity.


(What's an indicator? Indicators are ways to measure the county’s progress, both for the community at large and for county government. They are clear, quantifiable and they help manage progress toward achieving strategies in the strategic plan. They are statements that express what we hope to achieve. These are NOT specific performance metrics at this point.)

Challenge Questions

  1. How will Fairfax County implement and maintain a comprehensive multimodal transportation network that serves all users equitably while adapting to the projected growth within the county and region?
  2. How will Fairfax County better collaborate with businesses, community organizations, government partners and residents to plan and deliver transportation solutions that reduce demand, promote smart growth and serve the region?
  3. How will Fairfax County construct and maintain transportation options that are financially and environmentally sustainable?
  4. How will Fairfax County incorporate advances in technology to create “smart” transportation alternatives that adapt to changing needs and are accessible to all users?
  5. How will Fairfax County maintain a safe and secure transportation system and lower the risk of travel related injuries?
  6. How will Fairfax County leverage our land use regulations and economic development strategies to improve connectivity and efficiency within our transportation network?


(What's a challenge question? A challenge question is a clear articulation of the diagnosed problem/opportunity that people are experiencing. It is informed by evidence, data, subject matter expertise, outside-in perspectives and on-the-ground realities. Challenge questions are phrased in a way that drives toward an impact, allowing for a variety of solutions.)

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