Self-Sufficiency for People with Vulnerabilities

Outcome Statement

Fairfax County is a place where all residents with vulnerabilities are supported and empowered to live independent lives to their fullest potential.


(Below you will find supporting work of this priority area to date. More updates will be added as the strategic planning process continues.)


  1. Level of respect, understanding and engagement experienced by people with vulnerabilities.
  2. Access to needed services.
  3. Integration and quality of services provided.
  4. Level of self-sufficiency of people with vulnerabilities.


(What's an indicator? Indicators are ways to measure the county’s progress, both for the community at large and for county government. They are clear, quantifiable and they help manage progress toward achieving strategies in the strategic plan. They are statements that express what we hope to achieve. These are NOT specific performance metrics at this point.)

Challenge Questions

  1. How will we ensure that we identify people with vulnerabilities?
  2. How will we proactively engage people with vulnerabilities?
  3. How will we identify and mitigate factors that impede people with vulnerabilities from achieving self-sufficiency?
  4. How do we ensure that people with vulnerabilities are able to access needed services within a system that is comprehensive, responsive and built around hearing their story one time?
  5. How will we ensure that people with vulnerabilities are stewarded on a path to self-sufficiency in a way that recognizes their existing strengths?
  6. How will we promote sustained self-sufficiency among people with vulnerabilities in our community?


(What's a challenge question? A challenge question is a clear articulation of the diagnosed problem/opportunity that people are experiencing. It is informed by evidence, data, subject matter expertise, outside-in perspectives and on-the-ground realities. Challenge questions are phrased in a way that drives toward an impact, allowing for a variety of solutions.)


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