Strategic Plan Timeline

The county's strategic planning process will span most of 2019 as the high-level timeline outlines below.

Phase 1: Planning and Approach (COMPLETED)

November 2018 - January 2019

  • Develop project approach and workplan
  • Develop engagement approach

Phase 2: Initial Community Engagement (COMPLETED)

January - March 2019

  • Conduct initial community and staff engagement seeking key priority areas/goals
  • Develop initial draft of 7-10 priority areas
  • Develop 3-5 community-centric measurable key performance indicators for each priority area

Phase 3: Define Priorities (COMPLETED)

March - July 2019

  • Organize draft priority areas and indicative metrics
  • Establish county staff strategy teams for each priority area
  • County staff strategy teams work to refine key performance indicators and prioritize key factors
  • Strategy teams engage key stakeholders
  • Teams identify evidence based strategies and performance metrics

Phase 4: Community Engagement (COMPLETED)

August - September 2019

  • Conduct inclusive, broad based community engagement on key priority areas, indicators and strategies
  • Conduct staff engagement on key priority areas, indicators and strategies

Phase 5: Develop Strategic Plan (COMPLETED)

September - December 2019

  • Synthesize into draft strategic plan, gather and incorporate feedback

Phase 6: Presentation to Board of Supervisors

February 2020

  • On Feb. 25, the county executive will present a draft strategic plan to the Board of Supervisors 
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