Strategic Plan Timeline

A look back and a look ahead at the timeline for the countywide strategic plan. 

Engage in Community and Staff Conversations

January-March 2019

  • Robust engagement with residents, businesses, higher education, philanthropic, BACs, staff.
  • Townhall meetings, online survey, extensive outreach to historically under-represented communities.

Define Priorities

March-May 2019

  • Define top priorities based on community input.
  • Brief Board of Supervisors on findings (March 26).
  • Establish strategy teams for each priority area.

Conduct Research for Each Priority Areas

April-July 2019

  • Review existing plans and efforts by Fairfax County and others. Review data and other evidence.
  • Conduct a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats (SWOT) analysis to identify key challenges/opportunities.
  • Identify factors that affect outcomes and indicators of success (outcome measures).

Develop Initial Strategies

August-October 2019

  • Identify evidence-based strategies to achieve desired outcomes and metrics to measure progress.
  • Re-engage community and other stakeholders to review draft strategies and metrics.

Finalize Proposed Strategic Plan

November 2019-January 2020

  • Finalize strategies and metrics based on community and stakeholder feedback.
  • Final review with county senior management.
  • Align advertised fiscal year 2021 budget with community priorities.

Original Presentation and COVID-19 Pause

February 2020

  • Originally presented Feb. 25, 2020, to the Board of Supervisors.
  • COVID-19 pandemic caused further work on the plan to be paused. 

Presentation to Board of Supervisors

February 2021

  • Presentation of revised plan concurrent with advertised fiscal year 2022 budget (Feb. 23).
  • Board review and community engagement.

Next Steps

May 2021-October 2021

  • A fourth round of community engagement is planned for the summer.
  • It's anticipated the Board of Supervisors will adopt the plan in October.
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