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Dranesville District Paving and Restriping

News and Updates

Community Meeting Held Feb. 22; Comment Period Open through March 9, 2018

VDOT and FCDOT held a public meeting on proposed paving and restriping changes in the Dranesville District on Thursday, Feb. 22, 7 p.m., in the Franklin Sherman Elementary School cafeteria. Community members were invited to give feedback on general traffic safety concerns regarding roads scheduled for repaving and the proposed striping changes either at the meeting or by submitting comments online.

Please note that no additional roads can be added to the paving schedule at this time; any suggestions for new paving and restriping changes will be saved for future planning.



The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) has scheduled several roads in the Dranesville District for repaving in 2018. The paving will take place starting in April and concluding in November 2018. Exact work dates are available about ten days prior to work beginning, as contractors set schedules based on personnel and equipment availability. In subdivisions, "no parking" signs with precise date information will be posted at least three business days prior to work starting. Residents can expect work vehicles in their neighborhood during the project. Motorists are asked to be alert to temporary traffic patterns. Cars, basketball hoops or garbage cans may need to be temporarily relocated while work is under way. Work hours are usually limited to outside of rush hours. Crews typically work on neighborhood streets weekdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. On other roads such as interstates and some primaries, work may occur overnight.

See VDOT’s interactive paving map for more information on road specific project status and contact information, which is updated weekly during the paving season.

* Projects may need to be postponed to 2019 due to inclement weather or other reasons.

Additional Information

Proposed striping changes in the Dranesville District include a bike lane and shared lane markings, also known as sharrows, on Beverly Road and Elm Street; striped parking lanes and sharrows on Fleetwood Road and Ingleside Avenue; and bike lanes, sharrows and striped parking lanes on Churchill Road. No existing on-street parking will be affected.

Dranesville District Information

North Short Drive
Beverly Road and Elm Street

FCDOT and VDOT are proposing to add a bike lane and shared lane markings to both Beverly Road and Elm Street, while retaining all existing on-street parking. Learn more about the benefits of redesigning roads with the goal of creating complete streets. (Pictured: North Shore Drive)

Ingleside Avenue

FCDOT and VDOT are proposing to stripe parking lanes on the wider sections of Ingleside Avenue, and to add sharrows between Chain Bridge Road and Beverly Road.

Fleetwood Road

FCDOT and VDOT are proposing to stripe parking lanes on both sides of Fleetwood Road and adding sharrows to indicate that bicycles and cars are sharing the road.

Braebun DriveChurchill Road

In response to community concerns about road safety and speeding, FCDOT and VDOT are proposing striping an eastbound bike lane and westbound sharrows on Churchill Road between Balls Hill Road and Thrasher Road, sharrows between Thrasher Road and Carper Street, bike lanes between Carper Street and Dead Run Drive, and sharrows between Dead Run Drive and Dolley Madison Boulevard. Existing on street parking is to remain. If you or your guests regularly park along south side of Churchill Drive between Balls Hill Road and Thrasher Road, or you have seen cars parked there, please submit a comment describing the exact location. (Pictured: Braeburn Drive in Braddock District)


Complete Street
Complete Streets: Getting Safely to Work, School, Shops and Play

Bike infrastructure is an essential element of a complete street. Learn more about the concept of complete streets, and how bicycle lanes benefit people who drive, bicycle or walk alike.



Bike Lane Brochure
A Driver's Guide to Bike Lanes in Fairfax County

Throughout Fairfax County, bike lanes are connecting neighborhoods to parks, shops, transit and jobs. Read on to learn more about bike lanes and safety interacting with people who are cycling.



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