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1690 Old Meadow Road (RZ 2015-PR-014)

Development Activity

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Area: 1.29 Acres                                                                                         ZAPS Overview

Status: Under Review                                                                                

Applicant Name: 1690 Old Meadow Holdings, LLC


Application Information

Image of 1690 Old Meadow Road Development PlanThe subject site consists of one parcel, currently developed with a two-story office building. The property is bordered by the future site of the Lincoln buildings to the east and Grant buildings to the west across Old Meadow Road (these future buildings are associated with Scotts Run South). The applicant proposes to demolish the existing office building and replace it with a new, single office tower with ground floor retail. Site access would be provided from Old Meadow Road, and public open space is proposed at the corner of Old Meadow Road and Route 123.



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