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MITRE (RZ 2010-PR-023 / PCA 2011-PR-011)

Development Activity

Application Overview                                                                      Key Documents / Links

Area: 22.5 Acres                                                                                         ZAPS Overview

Status: Under Review                                                                               Current Plan

Applicant Name: The MITRE Corporation


Application Information

Image of MITRE Development PlanThe site is developed with a campus consisting of three office buildings and two parking garages. RZ 2010 PR 023 proposes to remove the existing MITRE 1 office building, and construct five new office buildings, a visitor center, and one freestanding parking structure to the existing campus. The application has been filed as a combined CDP/FDP on the entire land area, and is currently under review for a proposed 1.7 million square feet of office development.



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