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Parks and Public Facilities

Having sufficient public facilities, including parks and athletic fields, is a critical component in serving the needs of the population and employment base of Tysons. With an estimated growth of 100,000 residents and 200,000 jobs by 2050, many additional public facilities will be needed over the next 40 years to accommodate future growth. In order to achieve the quality of life envisioned for Tysons, it is important that the provision of public facilities keep pace with the phasing of development over time.

Parks, open spaces and places for recreation are critical to Tysons. A comprehensive urban park system supports a high quality of life for residents and provides social, economic and health benefits. These spaces are even more critical in the high-density, urban neighborhoods planned for Tysons, as private yards or recreation facilities may not be available for many residents.

The Comprehensive Plan identifies needed public facilities and estimates the timeframe for the provision of these facilities. The Plan calls for the identification of needed land and/or building space for public facilities well in advance of the estimated date of construction. Many public facilities in Tysons will need to be incorporated within private developments rather than be free-standing due to the urban character of Tysons. Finding sufficient and appropriate space for public facilities will require the collaboration and creativity of Tysons landowners in coordination with the County and other stakeholders. Public facilities for Tysons will be funded from a combination of public and private sources.

Tysons Park System Concept Plan

The Park Authority Board has endorsed the Tysons Park System Concept Plan.

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