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Stormwater Management

Urban Stormwater Concepts for Tysons Corner provide an overview of the stormwater goals for Tysons and urban best management practices that can be used to implement the Comprehensive Plan vision for stormwater reuse, infiltration, and runoff reduction.

Topics include:

  • Flow chart that demonstrates a stormwater design approach for projects in Tysons
  • Methods for on-site stormwater infiltration
  • Use of green roofs and other practices to achieve reductions in stormwater runoff
  • Reuse of rain water in the building and on-site

The Urban Stormwater Concepts for Tysons is currently available:

Full Document

The companion document that shows how to use the Toolkit to demonstrate compliance with the stormwater goals for Tysons is also available:

Tysons Corner Stormwater Compliance, How To

Draft Toolkit documents that can be used to help demonstrate compliance with the Tysons Corner stormwater goals:

Fairfax Virtual Assistant