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Tysons 2010 Demographic Overview

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  • The population in this area is estimated to change from 12,734 to 14,159, resulting in a growth of 11.2% between 2000 and the current year. Over the next five years, the population is projected to grow by 4.6%.
  • The current year median age for this population is 41.5, while the average age is 41.8. Five years from now, the median age is projected to be 44.5.
  • Of this area's current year estimated population:
    • 62.4% are White Alone,
    • 3.9% are Black or African Am. Alone,
    • 0.2% are Am. Indian and Alaska Nat. Alone,
    • 24.9% are Asian Alone,
    • 0.2% are Nat. Hawaiian and Other Pacific Isl. Alone,
    • 1.5% are Some Other Race, and
    • 7.0% are Two or More Races.
  • This area's current estimated Hispanic or Latino population is 6.9%.
  • Currently, it is estimated that 24.0% of the population age 25 and over in this area had earned a Master's, Professional, or Doctorate Degree and 39.4% had earned a Bachelor's Degree.


  • The number of households in this area is estimated to change from 6,809 to 7,530, resulting in an increase of 10.6% between 2000 and the current year. Over the next five years, the number of households is projected to increase by 4.5%.
  • The average household income is estimated to be $114,496 for the current year.
  • The average household income in this area is projected to change over the next five years¬†from $114,496 to $127,239.
  • The current year estimated per capita income for this area is $60,895.


  • Most of the dwellings in this area (60.0%) are estimated to be Renter-Occupied for the current year.
  • The majority of dwellings in this area are estimated to be structures of 50 or More¬†Units for the current year.
  • The majority of housing units in this area (30.1%) are estimated to have been Housing Unit Built 1970 to 1979 for the current year.


  • For this area, 63.2% of the population is estimated to be employed and age 16 and over for the current year.
    • The employment status of this labor force is as follows:
      • 0.2% are in the Armed Forces,
      • 73.2% are employed civilians,
      • 2.5% are unemployed civilians, and
      • 25.0% are not in the labor force.
    • The occupational classifications are as follows:
      • 3.6% have occupation type blue collar,
      • 87.4% are white collar, and
      • 9.1% are Service & farm workers.
    • For the civilian employed population age 16 and over in this area, it is estimated that they are employed in the following occupational categories:
      • 2.7% are in Architecture and Engineering,
      • 3.8% are in Arts, Entertainment and Sports,
      • 14.3% are in Business and Financial Operations,
      • 14.1% are in Computers and Mathematics,
      • 5.3% are in Education, Training and Libraries,
      • 2.9% are in Healthcare Practioners and Technicians,
      • 1.0% are in Healthcare Support,
      • 1.7% are in Life, Physical and Social Sciences,
      • 21.5% are in Management,
      • 9.0% are in Office and Administrative Support.
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