Page 140 - A Field Guide to Fairfax County's Plants and Wildlife
P. 140

Vascular Non-vascular

Flowering Nonflowering Single-celled aquatic Not Algae
plants; may be
Woody & nonwoody plankton or form
plants w/broad leaves
& seeds fully enclosed colonies or slimy mats
in an ovary-usually a (Algae)

fruit or nut (trees & Short leafy Woody plants w/ Small flat Small upright
shrubs, grasses, vines, fronds w/ needlelike leaves; plants with plantlets;
leaflike lobes grow near
herbs & forbs, many paired seeds semi- that grow water in
wildflowers) leaflets; enclosed in cones near water clumps or
reproduce by (Pine, Redcedar,
spores (Fern) (‘Worts) mats (Mosses)
other conifers)

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