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Purpose: To examine the various details associated with the many aspects of developing and operating a Fairfax County History Museum. The eight subcommittees include: Scope; Museum Interior Architecture; Site Selection; Museum and the community; Governance; Funding; Audience/Diversity; and marketing.
Terms: ad hoc
Number of Seats: 20
Membership: The Fairfax County History Museum Steering Committee proposes that there will be a total of 40 members participating throughout the eight subcommittees, 20 Board of Supervisor appointees and 20 steering committee appointees. Each Board Member will have two appointees. ONLY THE BOARD APPOINTED MEMBERS APPEAR ON THIS REPORT.
Meeting Info: TBD
Staff Info: Maryann Sheehan
Fairfax County Public Library
Board Website:
Current Membership: Mr. William S. Birdseye
Mr. Michael K. Bohn
Ms. Betsy Chittenden
Mr. Gilbert Donahue
Ms. Corazon Sandoval Foley
Ms. Lynne Garvey-Hodge
The Honorable Connie Hutchinson
Ms. Rita Koch
Mr. Frederick J. Lindstrom
Mr. Harold McClendon, Jr.
Ms. Shirley Tutt McCoy
Ms. Maureen McGarr Pettis
Ms. Cheryl-Ann Beattie Repetti
Ms. Jacque-Lynn Amann Schulman