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Purpose: The CCJB was established to enhance the ability of Fairfax County and Fairfax City to develop pretrial court services, community-based corrections programs, juvenile accountability and other criminal justice programs. These programs shall be consistent with the Comprehensive Community Corrections Act (CCCA), the Pretrial Services Act (PSA), and the Juvenile Accountability Block Grant (JAIBG) Program. The CCJB shall hold foremost the interests and concerns of citizens of Fairfax County and Fairfax City. It shall assist the appropriate County and City officials, including the Board of Supervisors and City Council, in matters affecting the criminal justice system, especially in making recommendations for improvements and innovations, and enhancing the quality and availability of services. It shall facilitate local involvement and flexibility in responding to the problem of crime in the communities served. It shall also review the submission of all criminal justice grants approved by the Board of Supervisors or the City Council, regardless of the source of funding.
Terms: At-pleasure
Number of Seats: 24
Membership: Twenty-four (24) members - one(1)member from the FFX Co. BOS or co. manager, admin. or exec. or asst. or deputy appointed by the BOS; one (1) member from the City of Fairfax City Council or city manager, admin. or exec. or asst. or deputy appointed by city council; the following from the 19th Judicial District: one (1) Circuit Court judge, one (1) General District Court judge, one (1) J&DRDC judge, (1) Chief Magistrate, (1) Commonwealth's Atty., (1) Public Defender, (1) Sheriff, (1) Clerk of Circuit Court, (1) Clerk of General District Court, (1) Clerk of J&DRDC, (1) Chief Probation & Parole Officer; one (1) CSB administrator appointed by the FFX-FC CSB. Fairfax City may appoint three additional members - one (1) Chief of Police; one (1) local eduction rep.; and one (1) at-large. Fairfax County may appointment as many as seven additional members - one (1) Chief of Police; one (1) local eduction rep.; and five (5) at-large, two of which must be the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of CJAB. Members of the CCJB who represent County or State agencies may send an alternate from their agency if unable to attend. Other members may designate an alternate to attend in their absence at the time of the appointment to the CCJB. An alternate is not required. Resolution Amended on 12/3/07, reps. to begin effective 2/12/2008.
Meeting Info: "Jennings" Building, 4110 Chain Bridge Road; 8 AM the 4th Thursday of the month. No regular meetings in July or August.
Staff Info: Major Jabar Shabazz
Office of the Sheriff
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Current Membership: Mr. Terry Atkinson
Mr. Eric Barr
Ms. Joy Marlene Bryan
Ms. Dawn Butorac
Mr. Kevin Davis
Mr. Steve T. Descano
The Honorable Alyssa Emery
The Honorable John W. Foust
The Honorable John T. Frey
Stacey A. Kincaid, Sheriff
Ms. Tracy Lavely
The Honorable Thomas P. Mann
The Honorable William J. Minor, Jr.
Colonel Carl Pardiny
Ms. Vanessa Griffin Paul
Mr. Dallas W. Shawkey
Michael A. Skvortsov, Esquire
Mr. Lawrence Vogel