Boards, Authorities and Commissions - Government - Fairfax County, Virginia

Purpose: To provide the Board with a source of objective advice regarding information technology issues. Amended Charter and Bylaws on 4/6/2010.
Terms: 3 years
Number of Seats: 15
Membership: Fifteen (15) members - one representative by each Supervisor (10) and one representative from each of the following groups: (1)School Board rep., (1) Chamber of Commerce, (1) Northern Virginia Technology Council, (1) Federation of Citizens Associations, and (1) the League of Women Voters.
Meeting Info: 8 a.m. in Room 232. 2017 Meeting Dates: 1/26, 2/23, 3/23, 4/27, 6/22, 9/28, 11/2 and 12/7. *Schedule is subject to change.
Staff Info: Afsaneh Tibbs
Department of Information Technology

Board Website:
Current Membership: Mr. Michael Aschenaki
Mr. Edward H. Blum
Mr. Dennis Carlton
Mr. Luke Chung
Mr. John George
Mr. Richard Grams, II
Mr. John Hanks
Ms. Susan S. Hoffman
Ms. Anne S. Kanter
Mr. Bhaskar Kuppusamy
Mr. Steven Lam
Mr. Nikhil Suresh Shenoy
Ms. M. Kathryn Walsh
Mr. John M. Yeatman