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Service Description: Proposed transportation improvements as per the Fairfax County Transportation Plan & Comprehensive Plan. Notes: 1. Enhanced Public Transportation Corridors (EPTC) - Major public transportation facility (such as Metrorail, light rail, bus rapid transit, and high occupancy vehicle lanes) will be provided in this corridor based upon the results of a comprehensive alternatives analysis. Final location of component facilities (e.g. rail stations, commuter parking lots) are subject to completion of the area plans or appropriate studies. 2. Right-of-way requirements are shown in the comprehensive plan text. 3. Final alignment subject to completion of appropriate engineering studies. 4. All roads without lane designations are subject to safety and geometric improvements, as long as such improvements do not result in an increase in the number of through traffic lanes and are within existing rights-of-way. Should improvements require additional rights-of-way, there would be a public information meeting and/or public hearing as required. 5. Road improvements on the Transportation Plan are based on County level analysis. Further and more detailed study may be conducted to verify designation of number of lanes prior to design of road improvements. 6. Refer to Area Plan text of the Fairfax County Comprehensive Plan for a conceptual enhanced street network (grid of streets) for the following areas: a) Tysons Corner Urban Center b) Franconia-Springfield Area c) Baileys Crossroads Community Business Center d) Reston Transit Station Areas (TSAs) e) Innovation Center Transit Station Area f) Seven Corners g) Richmond Highway Contact: Fairfax County Department of Transportation (FCDOT) Data Accessibility: Public Update Frequency: As needed

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