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Welcome to Fairfax Connector BusTracker

Your official source for up-to-the-minute arrival info.

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You can also access a "Street View" from this map where you can set a pop-up alert to notify you when a vehicle reaches a given stop.

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What is BusTracker?
Fairfax Connector BusTracker uses GPS technology to provide real-time information on the arrival times and locations of buses. It lets you know when your bus will arrive at your stop.

  • By using your smart phone, tablet, or a computer, you will be able to find out the scheduled and estimated arrival time of your bus.
  • The map feature will let you track buses real-time by selecting a route or a specific stop.
  • You can also sign-up for real-time notifications and receive emails or text messages about your bus at specified times, stops and routes.

Planning Your Trip
To plan your trip, visit Metro's online Trip Planner; call Fairfax Connector Telephone Information Center at 703-339-7200, TTY 703-339-1608; or visit for schedules and maps.

Important Information on Delays, Reroutes and On-time Service
Real-time information is based on estimated departure and arrival times, which may be delayed by various factors including weather, reroutes, detours, traffic, and road conditions. If a vehicle is significantly delayed due to an unusual event, the default scheduled information will show.

Questions or Comments?
Fairfax Connector welcomes your feedback on BusTracker! Please send your comments and suggestions to or call Fairfax Connector Telephone Information Center at 703-339-7200, TTY 703-339-1608.

We strongly encourage users to report any glitches in the system. We regularly record and review customer feedback, however we may not be able to respond to each individual submission.

Questions about cell phone or smartphone access to BusTracker?  Click here.

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Information for Developers
Interested in developing apps or widgets with Fairfax Connector BusTracker data? More information.