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Fairfax County General Parcel Report

Fairfax County, Virginia

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Parcel Identification Number (Map #): 0812 01  0007
Property Location: 6295 EDSALL RD, ALEXANDRIA VA 22312
Property Description Planning and Zoning Data
Supervisor District: MASON Zoning District: I-3, I-5
Town: No Overlay District: N/A
Subdivision: N/A Comprehensive Plan Base: 5-8 DU/AC, Industrial, Public Parks
* Deed Book & Page: 27695-0899, 24952-0312, 18059-0300, 10223-1937 Plan Area: I, IV
* Recorded Land Area: N/A Acres; 1,488,010 Sq Ft Plan District: LINCOLNIA, SPRINGFIELD
* Land Use Code: Wholesale,warehousing & stg (not in IP) Commercial Revitalization District: NO
Historic Site: NO
Property Structure Data
* Property Name * Year Built * Year Addition * Stories * Units * Gross Floor Area Sq Ft
PLAZA 500 1973 N/A 1 N/A 566,500
Property Owner Data Property Tax & Assessment Data
* Owner Name(s): PLAZA 500 PROPERTY OWNER LP, * Tax Year: 2024
* Mailing Address: 1255 23RD ST NW STE 25, WASHINGTON DC 20037 * Current Land: $16,250,710
* Current Building: $59,202,870
* Current Assessed Total: $75,453,580
* Tax Exempt: NO
* Tax District Name(s): MASON TRANSPORTATION
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