Pearson/Hunt Family Cemetery

Pearson/Hunt Family Cemetery

3055 Fox Mill Rd.
Oakton, Va.


This small cemetery contains one headstone and three fieldstone markers. There appears to be 12+ unmarked graves, but the site is partially overgrown and covered by yard debris, making an estimate difficult. The 1/4 acre cemetery was reserved by deed dated Oct. 5, 1959 (Db 1817:398). This deed revealed that NELLIE J. PEARSON (died intestate 4/20/42) was married to MAURICE L. PEARSON (died 11/11/55). She was the heir of LEWIS J. HUNT (died 1/6/33). Her two daughters still own the cemetery. The cemetery is neglected and yard debris have been dumped here. The headstone for NELLIE J. PEARSON has been displaced and is leaning against a tree.

Maiden Name: HUNT

Death: APR 20, 1942

Comment: Cemetery deed reveals that NELLIE J. PEARSON died intestate on 4/20/42, ì and was married to MAURICE L. PEARSON, who died on 11/11/55. She was the ì only heir to LEWIS J. HUNT who died on 1/6/33.