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Fairfax County, Virginia

Supervised Release Services



Supervised Release Services (SRS) encompasses the Outreach Detention and Electronic Monitoring Programs. It provides highly structured supervision, monitoring, and services to juveniles who are awaiting adjudication or final disposition of charges, and might otherwise be detained at the Juvenile Detention Center or placed at Sheltercare. Judges may release juveniles to SRS at a detention hearing, or an adjudication or dispositional hearing, on the condition that they follow the rules established by the Court in conjunction with the SRS program. SRS staff meet with the assigned juveniles immediately after their release to SRS, or within 24 hours, to establish SRS rules as required by State minimum standards. Staff also orient juveniles and parents to other expectations, such as frequency and place of visits, and sanctions for rule violations. SRS staff visit juveniles four times per week, which include at least once every other day, weekdays, and weekends. Visits take place at a juvenile's home, place of employment, or school. Staff contact parents or guardians at least weekly.

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