Circuit Court Jury Message

Fairfax County, Virginia

This information was last updated: Friday, 08/05/2022 4:14 PM.

You must check to see if your group number is needed for Monday, August 8, 2022

Date to Report: Monday, August 8, 2022
Groups to Report: 100-121

Summons Color: Green
Time to Report: 8:15AM EST

If your group number is not needed, you may be re-summoned in the future.
If you are currently exhibiting any flu like symptoms or have COVID, please reschedule your service for a later date. Please contact our Jury Department, so that we can reschedule your service for a later date, as a public health precaution. To reschedule, please call 703-246-2292. Please be aware, the Governor’s announcement and orders do not affect your jury service and you are still required to appear.