Circuit Court Jury Message

Fairfax County, Virginia

This information was last updated: Tuesday, 07/27/2021 3:46 PM.

You must check to see if your group number is needed for Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Date to Report: Wednesday, July 28, 2021
Groups to Report: 300-313

Summons Color: Blue
Time to Report: 8:15AM EST

If your group number is not needed, you may be re-summoned in the future.
If you are currently exhibiting any flu like symptoms or have a cough, please reschedule your service for a later date. If you have recently travelled outside of the United States, and have been summoned for Jury Duty, please contact our Jury Department, so that we can reschedule your service for a later date, as a public health precaution. To reschedule, please call 703-246-2292. Please be aware, the Governor’s announcement and orders do not affect your jury service and you are still required to appear.