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Disaster Damage Database
Fairfax County, Virginia

The Disaster Damage Database System is designed to allow County residents to report residential damage caused by emergencies like hurricanes, tropical storms, earthquakes, fires, snow or other disasters. Your submission of this information to Fairfax County is wholly voluntary. Fairfax County wants to make sure that you understand the uses the County intends to make of the information and where the information may be disseminated.

After events that are of such severity and magnitude that effective response is beyond the capabilities of the Commonwealth and the County, and federal financial assistance appears necessary, Fairfax County may share the Disaster Damage Reports with the Commonwealth of Virginia, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and/or the Federal Small Business Administration (SBA). The Disaster Damage Reports may be used to evaluate whether the Governor should ask the President of the United States to declare Fairfax County a major disaster area, whether the President should make such a declaration, and what kind of federal disaster assistance should be made available to County residents who have suffered losses. Therefore, your submission of damage information may benefit you and other County residents by supporting a disaster declaration, which is a prerequisite to eligibility for federal disaster assistance. However, submission of a Disaster Damage Report is not a requirement to apply for federal disaster assistance, nor is it a promise that federal disaster assistance will be provided. If the President declares a major disaster in Fairfax County and if you wish to apply for financial assistance, you must submit applications directly to FEMA and/or the SBA. Fairfax County does not provide disaster financial assistance.

Fairfax County also wants to make sure that you know that when you submit a Disaster Damage Report, it becomes a public record under the Virginia Freedom of Information Act (VFOIA). Therefore, your Disaster Damage Report will be subject to disclosure upon request by citizens of Virginia and the representatives of certain news organizations. The only part of your Disaster Damage Report that Fairfax County may legally withhold from disclosure is your email address, and only if you ask the County to do so. The County cannot withhold other portions of a Disaster Damage Report from public disclosure. When you have entered the data to submit a report, the "review page" includes buttons for you to select whether your email address should be made available in response to a VFOIA request.

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