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Real Estate Tax Help Screen

  • Real Estate Taxes - Real Estate taxes are based on the value of a parcel and any attachments to that property as of January 1st of each year. The value is based on 100 percent of the estimated fair market value. Improvements may be valued for a part year. The real estate tax is determined by dividing the assessed value by $100.00 and multiplying that result by the tax rate as established by the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors.
  • NIC Virginia - NIC Virginia is a managed service provider of electronic payment applications to public institutions.
  • Service Fee - NIC Virginia is our third party processor as required by credit card company by-laws to allow service fees to be passed along to the credit card holder. NIC Virginia offers this service at a 2.35% charge of the total amount being paid for tax, penalties, interest and/or fees. Whereas retail merchants typically absorb this cost, the Fairfax County Code stipulates that, in the payment of taxes, credit card fees (also referred to as convenience fees or merchant fees) must be paid by the card holder, not by the County.
  • Online Payments - Online Payments may not be posted for up to two business days to allow time for a credit card company or bank to submit the actual payment record that will post to your Real Estate account.
  • Stub Number - The Stub Number is a unique number assigned to your Real Estate account.
  • Map Number - The Map Number is a number assigned to a specific piece of land that is marked by the boundaries of the property.
  • Owner Name - Displays the first owner name listed on your Real Estate record.
  • Property Address - The address as defined on the title of the property.
  • Tax Year - The tax year is the year on which taxes have been levied and relate to the value of the parcel as of January 1st of that year and the tax rate established by the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors. In the event of an improvement on the parcel, pro-rated taxes may be levied for a given tax year.
  • Tax - The amount of the tax that is due on the property.
  • Penalty - Current year taxes are normally due on July 28th and December 5th. Tax bills may also be issued during any month of the year for special circumstances. The tax is always due to be paid on the due date indicated on the tax bill. At 12:00 A.M. of the following day, the tax will be past due. Past due accounts will have a penalty for late payment and accrued interest added at 12:00 A.M. after the tax due date. The amount of the penalty charged for a late payment is 10%. The Board of Supervisors reduced that rate to 5% for tax year 2020 only.
  • Interest - Interest accrues on both tax and penalty at the rate of 1% annually for unpaid Real Estate taxes.
  • Fees - State of Virginia Code § 58.1-3958 proves the governing body of any county, city or town may impose, upon each person chargeable with delinquent taxes or other delinquent charges, fees to cover the administrative cost and reasonable attorney's or collection agency's fees actually contracted for. The administrative cost shall be in addition to all penalties and interest, and shall not exceed $30.00 for taxes or other charges collected subsequent to 30 or more days after notice of delinquent taxes or charges pursuant to § 58.1-3919 but prior to taking of any judgment with respect to such delinquent taxes or charges. This fee is currently set at $30.00 and is displayed as "Fees".

    Returned Check Fee: A $50.00 return check fee is applied on each returned check for insufficient funds or accounts that are closed.

  • Payments - Payments that have been received to offset debts.
  • Total Amount - The total amount of Tax, Penalty, Interest, Fees and Payments that are due.
  • Amount To Pay - This box is outlined in red and displays the total amount of Tax, Penalty, Interest, Fees and Payments that are due.
  • My Payment Today - The amount that you have selected to pay to satisfy your Real Estate tax liability.

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