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Parenting Education Programs

The Parenting Education Programs is offering assistance from a distance with online parenting classes.
Classes are offered for parents of children 0-4, 5-11 or Adolescents.


    These free classes teach positive and effective ways parents can interact with their children at every age and stage of development.
    They help families to:      
     Understand what to expect from children at different developmental stages and ages (0-18 years).     
    Build strong, positive, respectful relationships between all family members.

Take charge of their own feelings and behaviors, and communicate in non-threatening ways.

Handle stress and anger better, and find alternatives for yelling and spanking.


Classes are offered in English, Spanish and with an African American focus.

Please see the information below to select what classes you are interested in learning more about.    

Please complete this online registration form to attend any one of the following sessions.
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