FY 2020 Advertised Budget: Shaping the Future Together


Fairfax County Executive Bryan Hill presented his Advertised (proposed) Fiscal Year 2020 Budget to the Board of Supervisors today, Feb. 19, 2019. The proposed General Fund budget is $4.44 billion, a $156.9 million (or 3.67 percent) increase over the current FY 2019 Adopted Budget.

Including other appropriated funds such as federal and state grants, the total proposed budget is $8.86 billion.

The proposed budget maintains the current real estate tax rate of $1.15 per $100 of assessed value. Approximately 75.6 percent of residential property in the county increased in value over the past year, with an average increase of 2.36 percent. As a result of this change, the average tax bill will increase by $149.16.

I am presenting a balanced budget, with no increase in the Real Estate Tax rate, which provides compensation increases for our valuable employees and meets the full operating request from the Fairfax County Public Schools. This budget proposal includes investments in human services, public safety, and transportation and relies upon savings generated from operational efficiencies. County Executive Bryan Hill
Budget Presentation

View the county executive’s full presentation.


Investing in Our Public Schools

The county executive’s recommended General Fund transfers to Fairfax County Public Schools total $2.35 billion. This is a 3.82 percent, or $86.46 million, increase over the current FY 2019 Budget.

The proposed operating transfer fully funds the School Board’s requested transfer. The top priorities for the FCPS FY 2020 Budget are compensation and instructional programs.

Fairfax County Public Schools receives approximately 72 percent of its funding from the county government. It accounts for 52.9 percent of the county’s General Fund budget.

Read FCPS FY 2020 Proposed Budget


Investing in County Priorities

In addition to our public schools, the FY 2020 proposed budget includes investments in our county priorities.  Examples include public safety and human services initiatives such as:

The proposed budget also includes partial funding of the employee compensation plan. The proposal includes a 1 percent market rate adjustment for all employees, as well as funding for performance, merit and longevity increases for non-uniformed and uniformed employees.

Learn more about the Board of Supervisors Priorities


Looking Forward

A few of the key issues impacting the county budget, which Hill noted in his presentation, include:

  • A slight improvement in the revenue picture, attributable to overall real estate growth of 3.6 percent.
  • Insufficient projected resources to meet expenditure requirements, including full employee compensation funding.
  • Ongoing collaboration with FCPS to meet joint priorities.
  • Reorganizations and efficiencies reflected in the budget proposal.
  • Funding and positions for multi-year strategies to support board priorities such as Diversion First, gang prevention and the opioid task force.
  • Funding and positions for the continued phase-in of the Public Safety Staffing Plan.
  • Ongoing Metro funding requirements.
Additional Budget Resources for Residents

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