What to Know About Our Adopted FY 2018 County Budget

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Updated May 2

The Board of Supervisors adopted the proposed $4.1 Billion FY 2018 General Fund Budget at its meeting today, May 2. The budget was “marked up” last week as a public review and modification of the county executive’s proposed budget by the Board prior to the final adoption of the budget and tax rates.

County Executive Ed Long presented his proposed budget in February, which was followed by two months of public input and meetings. The FY 2018 Budget is effective July 1, 2017.

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“Calendar year 2017 marks almost a decade since the Great Recession first caused property values to plummet. Since then values have increased annually only modestly, if at all. This year the average sales price of homes increased by only 1%. The marked up budget is built on an increase in total revenue of just 1.9%. It is balanced in part with $13 million in savings, reductions and efficiencies.”Sharon Bulova, Chairman, Board of Supervisors


What you need to know about the FY 2018 Budget:

No Real Estate Tax Increase

The Board voted to maintain the current real estate tax rate. It will remain at the FY 2017 level, which is $1.13 per $100 of the assessed value of your home.

However, some homeowners may see an increase in their real estate taxes next year due to a slight increase in the countywide average assessments. To view your current real estate tax amount (for most of us it is paid through our mortgage company), go to the MyFairfax Web Portal.


School Funding Increased

The Board of Supervisors approved an additional $1.7 million in funding for Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) above the amount in the county executive’s proposed budget, for a total transfer of $2.17 billion. The additional funding is from the small balance available to the Board after add-on changes made earlier this month.

FCPS funding for FY 2018 will be 52.8 percent of the county’s General Fund budget, an increase of 2.79 percent over FY 2017.

The most recent projected budget shortfall for the FCPS FY 2018 Budget is $48.4 million, based on final state budget actions and adjustments made in the FCPS FY 2017 third quarter review.


Diversion First Funding

Just under $2 million and 18 new positions were approved to support the second year of the county’s successful Diversion First initiative.

Launched in 2016, Diversion First offers alternatives to incarceration for people with mental illness or developmental disabilities, who come into contact with the criminal justice system for low-level offenses. The goal is to intercede whenever possible to provide assessment, treatment or needed supports.

Learn More about Diversion First


Budget Reductions Made

More than $13 million in reductions and 9 position eliminations are included in the budget markup, resulting from agency reductions and continued savings in fuel and retiree health expenses.

The Board of Supervisors and county staff will continue the multi-year Lines of Business process to identify more opportunities for budget cuts and efficiencies.


Moving Forward

In their budget guidance for the FY 2019 budget, the Board of Supervisors noted the potential impacts of the federal budget and provided direction to staff to develop fiscally responsible plans to continue to address public safety staffing and the Diversion First initiative.

The Board also stressed the importance of continued collaboration with FCPS  on a number of important issues, including capital initiatives and early childhood development.


Stay Informed

Watch: How Our Budget is Built in Fairfax County

The county’s budget is a year-round process.  There are a number of ways for you to stay informed and engaged:

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