FY 2019 Advertised Budget: Investing in Our County Priorities

A graphic for the Proposed FY 2019 Budget with county and FCPS seals.

Fairfax County Executive Bryan Hill presented his Advertised (proposed) Fiscal Year 2019 Budget to the Board of Supervisors today. The proposed General Fund budget is $4.29 billion, a $192.32 million (or 4.69 percent) increase over the current FY 2018 Adopted Budget.

Including other appropriated funds such as federal and state grants, the total proposed budget is $8.42 billion.

The proposed budget includes a 2.5 cent increase in the real estate tax rate,which would result in an average tax bill increase of $268 for homeowners. The real estate tax rate would increase from the current rate of $1.13 to $1.155 per $100 of assessed value. 

March 6 Update: Board of Supervisors Authorizes Advertised Tax Rate of $1.155


Investments in priorities such as Diversion First, school readiness, gang prevention and the opioid epidemic would need to be limited or deferred without an increase in revenue, and we would be unable to meet the proposed needs of our school system. We are keenly aware of this delicate balance of providing the appropriate level of services to our residents while minimizing the financial impact to our taxpayers. I look forward to working with the Board of Supervisors and our residents over the coming months to craft a final budget which helps contribute to the reputation of Fairfax County as a model of fiscal stewardship and responsibility. County Executive Bryan Hill

Read the FY 2019 Proposed Budget Summary Presentation:


Investing in Our Public Schools

The county executive’s recommended general fund transfers to FCPS total $2.26 billion. This is a 4.38 percent, or $95.10 million, increase over the current FY 2018 budget.

The proposed operating transfer meets the School Board’s requested transfer after accounting for an anticipated increase in state revenues. The top priority for the FCPS FY 2019 Budget is teacher salaries and benefits.

Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) receives almost 72 percent of its funding from the county government. It accounts for 52.8 percent of the county’s general fund budget.

Read FCPS FY 2019 Proposed Budget


Watch: Feb. 20 media briefing with county executive and FCPS superintendent

Investing in County Priorities

In addition to our public schools, the FY 2019 proposed budget includes investments in our county priorities.  Examples include public safety and human services initiatives such as:

The proposed budget also includes fully funding employee compensation to retain and attract quality county employees. This would be only the third time in 10 years that compensation is fully funded for both uniformed public safety and general county employees.

Learn more about the Board of Supervisors Priorities


Looking Forward

A few of the key issues impacting the county budget, which Hill noted in his presentation, include:

  • Restrained revenue growth anticipated for the foreseeable future.
    • Expenditure needs will continue to outpace resources; fiscal constraint will be required.
    • Focus on Board of Supervisors priorities; balance with available resources. 
  • Continued uncertainty about U.S. fiscal policy and impact of tax reform.
  • County will continue to monitor the Commonwealth of Virginia’s budget and the impact on our local budget.
  • County and regional response to address ongoing Metro funding requirements.
  • A commitment to work collaboratively with FCPS to meet joint priorities.


Providing Input

You can provide input by attending public hearings, town hall meetings, email and more:

How to Provide Input and Stay Informed


Additional Budget Resources for Residents

Who We Are: Fairfax County Demographics

Watch: How Our Budget is Built in Fairfax County


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