INOVA Partnership Expands Rehab Services to County RECenters

Physical therapy at Cub Run RECenter

Thanks to a new partnership between our Park Authority and Inova, medically-based rehabilitative services, along with community-based exercise programs, are all available under one roof at select county facilities.

A pilot program at Audrey Moore RECenter in Annandale has been so well-received, it is being expanded to Cub Run RECenter in Chantilly and Spring Hill RECenter in McLean.

The partnership gives people greater accessibility to physical therapy when they are injured, according to Program Director Ben Igwe, one of the licensed physical therapists based in RECenters.

“A traditional physical therapy office has a lot smaller space, and the RECenters have additional resources such as fitness rooms, gyms and pools that can also be valuable rehabilitation tools.”Ben Igwe


A Coach’s Success Story

Frank Kelly rehabs at Audrey Moore RECenterIt’s easy to take mobility for granted until you lose it. Just ask Frank Kelley of Annandale, an archery and fencing coach who once trained at the Olympic training center. He was setting up for a class one day when he suffered a debilitating back injury that left him unable to walk.

“I strained my back moving heavy archery targets,” he recalled. “The impingement on my sciatic nerve caused pain and numbness, and I lost the feeling in my right toe.” Unable to walk or work, the 69-year-old grandfather worried what the future would hold. “Anticipation of the unknown is a fearful thing,” he said.

Kelley found healing last winter in the Inova Physical Therapy Center at Audrey Moore RECenter. After a few physical therapy sessions, he says he could walk with a cane, and within a few months, he could walk without assistance and without pain.

“The therapist was very good,” he said. “The whole process from beginning to end was outlined, and the physical therapy was effective and intertwined with the exercise room.”

Kelley is back at work teaching archery and fencing, pain-free. He attributes his healing to the physical therapy he received through the Inova partnership and consistent exercise at Audrey Moore RECenter once he was released from rehab. “The equipment is great,” he said. “As soon as I got done, I bought a membership.”


Integrating Technology Into Rehab

Wayne Arrington rehabs at Cub Run RECenterWayne Arrington of Chantilly is among the first people to take advantage of the new Inova physical therapy services at Cub Run RECenter. The 65-year-old retired database administrator suffers from back pain and is just getting started with his rehab.

In addition to finding skilled therapists at a convenient location near his home, he is impressed with the way the medical professionals use technology to help patients continue with exercises at home.

“They have a real nice system where you go online with a smart phone and an app takes you through the exercise routine,” he said. “It’s an excellent tool, and as the therapist adds exercises to the list, the app runs through them for you including number of repetitions and duration. It’s worth its weight in gold!”


More Information

To learn more about Inova’s services at Fairfax County RECenters or to make an appointment, call 1-877-604-6682 or visit


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