Save Big With Discounts from Solarize Fairfax County

Solar Panel Installation

Do you want to slash your electricity bill by 60% or more? You could if you go solar!  For a limited time, now through June 14, you can get discounted prices on solar panels and electric vehicle charging stations through Solarize Fairfax County.


The Best Time Ever to Go Solar

  • We’re offering the lowest prices yet. If you purchase panels, you’ll get a 17% discount off the average price compared to other providers in Virginia.
  • This is the last year to get a full 30% federal tax credit on solar systems. After 2019, this credit decreases, and it will expire at the end of 2021. Fairfax County also offers a credit on real estate taxes, and the county waives all permit fees for the installation.
  • For the first time, we’re offering electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, and these can be installed in conjunction with a solar system or independently. If you install one with a solar system, you’ll get an additional $250 discount on the charging station.

EV Charging Station

You’ll save money on your electric monthly bill. Northern Virginia gets almost as much sun as Miami — and sunlight is free. The more solar energy you capture, the less you pay monthly to power your home or business. If your current electric bill averages $120 a month, a 6 kW system should cover about 60% of that cost on a good site. With Virginia’s net metering law, when your system is producing more than your home is using, the power is fed into the grid and your account is credited at the retail rate.

Fairfax County is partnering with the Northern Virginia Regional Commission and the nonprofit Local Energy Alliance Program (LEAP) to offer this program. Solarize offers low prices with companies chosen through competitive bids.


Sign Up Now and Get Started

Solarize Fairfax County runs through June 14:

  • Sign up today for a free assessment. There is no commitment to install, but you must sign up here. Everyone who signs up by June 14 is eligible for the discount even if the assessment occurs past this date.
  • Attend optional information sessions in April and May. The first is Monday, April 22 at 7:30 p.m. at the Fairfax County Government Center. At these sessions, you’ll learn whether solar and/or EV charging stations are right for you, find out pricing and financing options and meet the contractors who will install your equipment. Attendance is not required but recommended if you plan to participate in the program. After you sign up for a free, no-commitment assessment, here’s what will happen next if you’re interested in solar:


Solarize Process and Timeline

  1. Follow-up email: After signing up for a free, no commitment assessment, you will receive an email outlining the Solarize process.
  2. Satellite assessment: Within three to five business days of signing up, LEAP will perform a satellite assessment and will follow up on your property’s suitability for solar.
  3. Provide your electric usage: If your property is a good candidate for solar, LEAP will ask for a copy of your electric bill. This allows the installer to determine the optimal size system for your home.
  4. Installer contacts you: Once your electric bill is received, LEAP will assign you a solar installer. The installer will contact you for a site visit within three to five business days of being assigned.
  5. Receive a proposal: After a site visit, the installer will send you a proposal tailored to your home (sometimes a preliminary proposal is sent before the site visit) and walk you through financing options.
  6. Sign proposal.
  7. Installation begins: Installer obtains all necessary permits, orders the materials and equipment and manages the work. It generally takes about two to four months to get the equipment installed, but every project is unique.

This process may take longer, depending on overall interest in the program.

Solarize Fairfax Timeline

If you are only interested in an EV charging station, a contractor will contact you with a proposal after you sign up. A site visit may or may not be necessary. If you want both solar and an EV charging station, the contractor will include the EV charging station in your solar proposal.

For more information, email LEAP at or call 703-517-7251, TTY 711.


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