Shaping the Future: 4 Things to Know About the Proposed Countywide Strategic Plan

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Updated April 9 / NOTE: Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the county executive is recommending that Board approval of the proposed Countywide Strategic Plan be postponed. It is imperative that we have the appropriate opportunities to receive community feedback on the plan, but at this time it is important to allow our residents to focus on their families and their health. In the near future, an outline will be provided to hold community meetings, as well as a timeline for Board consideration and approval.

County Executive Bryan Hill unveiled the first-ever countywide strategic plan to the Board of Supervisors on Feb. 25. The proposed plan:

  • Sets a clear, unified, community-driven vision for the next 10-20 years.
  • Aligns and integrates existing issue- and department-specific plans.
  • Provides a tool for focusing and prioritizing initiatives over the next 3-5 years.
  • Aims to communicate progress on achieving measurable outcomes to all stakeholders.

Here are four key things to know about the plan and how you can get involved:

1.) Nine Priority Areas

Last year, extensive community feedback led to Board approval of nine priority outcome areas that will serve as the framework to shape the future of the county:

Each priority area includes proposed indicators, metrics and strategies. View all of the proposed priority areas on the strategic plan website.

2.) Provide Your Feedback

Community meetings were scheduled, but due to coronavirus, they have been cancelled. New ways to provide feedback will be shared soon. Thank you for understanding.

3.) About All of the Strategies

There are more than 100 strategies proposed across the nine areas. However, it will be several years before some strategies are addressed. The Board of Supervisors will identify the priorities and indicators to focus on each year.

4.) Strategic Plan and County Budget

The county executive’s proposed FY 2021 budget maps major new spending initiatives to the nine strategic plan priority outcome areas.

Among the proposals:

  • Funding to expand school readiness programs like the new Early Childhood Birth to 5 Fund and a recommended $25 million bond referendum for early childhood facilities in 2020 in the Lifelong Education and Learning priority area.
  • Dedicating one cent of the proposed tax increase to affordable housing under Housing and Neighborhood Livability.
  • Body-worn cameras and staff for the new Scotts Run Fire and South County Police stations under Safety and Security.
  • Funding to expand environmental initiatives, Diversion First and the Opioid Task Force under the Health and Environment priority area.
  • Funding for expanded library hours (11 of 22 locations will move to standardized hours), scholarship assistance for parks programs and use of admissions tax revenue to increase funding for the arts under the Cultural and Recreational Opportunities priority area.

Hear more from County Executive Hill in this short clip as he talks about the strategic plan:

Listen to the full edition of his latest podcast.

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