Solarize Program Saves County Homeowners $1,250 a Year on Electricity Bills

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Going solar paid off for the 47 homeowners who signed contracts for discounted systems through Solarize Fairfax County.

They will save approximately $1,250 per year on their electric bills as a result of letting the sun power their homes.

Like a Groupon for solar, the program offered one-time, low prices with companies chosen through competitive bids. We partnered with the Northern Virginia Regional Commission and nonprofit Local Energy Assistance Program to offer the savings.

There were 1,205 homeowners and businesses that received free solar site assessments, and 47 signed contracts for the discounted panels which were offered until June 30.


Preventing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

In total, these systems will generate more than 500,000 kilowatt hours of electricity a year from clean, green solar energy. This is equivalent to avoiding the release of 206 metric tons in carbon dioxide emissions, or the greenhouse gas emissions produced from:

  • 44 cars driven for one year
  • 225,383 pounds of coal burned
  • 23,180 gallons of gasoline consumed
  • 477 barrels of oil consumed

The environmental benefit from these panels is also equal to the carbon sequestered from 246 acres of forest for one year.


infographic showing solarize benefits

Electricity Use: Big Source for Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Electricity use generates about 40 percent of the greenhouse emissions in the D.C. region , and by using renewable energy, like solar, you can help reduce these emissions. If you generate 1,000 kwh of solar energy each month, that’s equivalent to preventing the release of .703 metric tons of carbon dioxide—an amount comparable to driving a car 1,684 miles.

The county is also doing its part to reduce the release of the harmful gases that cause global warming, and we have achieved a 10 percent reduction in these gases per capita through the pledge to limit emissions called Cool Counties.

Fairfax County government, including the public schools, account for only 3 percent regional greenhouse gas emissions while residents and businesses produce the other 97 percent.

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