Tysons “The Boro” to Offer Region’s Largest Whole Foods and Luxury Movie Theater

Rendering of Boro development in Tysons

There’s more progress in store for Tysons.

The latest project to receive approval will be known as The Boro, which will be home to the largest Whole Foods in the D.C. area, a luxury movie theater and a new public library.

The Board of Supervisors approved the plan Tuesday for the 4.25 million square feet of apartments, offices, hotel and shops. They will rise up on an 18-acre site across from the Silver Line’s Greensboro Station. Bounded by Leesburg Pike, Westpark Drive, Greensboro Drive and Solutions Drive, The Boro will be within about a quarter mile of the station.

Boro map


What’s In The Project?

In total, the project will add 14 new, mostly high-rise buildings at the highest location in Tysons. This includes:

  • Five apartment buildings with up to 2,010 units
  • Three office towers with up to 1.9 million square feet
  • Retail space of up to 430,000 square feet, including the Whole Foods
  • A hotel with up to 640,000 square feet
  • Seven parks totaling 4.23 acres
  • A 19,000 square-foot public library that the developer will design and build for the county

Offices will be built closest the station within a few minutes walk, and the apartments and retail will be slightly farther away.

boro building locations

The Boro sits on the former SAIC campus that developer Meridian bought in 2013. Because the existing layout is what planners call a “superblock” that’s difficult to access, The Boro includes a local street grid to carve up the site into four new blocks. Three new streets will be built within the development, creating a more walkable neighborhood.

  • At the corner Westpark and Greensboro Drives, the 3.9-acre plot will become home to two high-rise apartments climbing to between 22 to 34 stories.
  • The new retail street, Boro Place, will be flanked on either side by a six-story and eight-story midrise buildings. They will contain a mix of apartments, stores and parking. In total, this first phase of development will offer up to 835 apartments and up to 165,000 square feet of retail.
  • At 70,000 square feet, Whole Foods will anchor the northern end of Boro Place, closet to Westpark Drive. The corridor’s southern end will open up to the development’s central open space, Magnetic Park.

The luxury theater will be built as part of later phase of the project, located in a building next to Solutions Drive. Showplace Icon will offer 15 screens, reserved seats and a 150-seat bistro with full bar. The building will include street-level retail with the theater on the two upper levels.


Tysons and Economic Success Plans

We intend for Tysons to become Fairfax’s “downtown.” By 2050, Tysons will be home to up to 100,000 residents and 200,000 jobs under the county’s transformation plan. Already, more than 31 million square feet in new mixed use development have been approved.

The Boro project helps to transform Tysons into an urban center, but also it supports the county’s Economic Success Plan. In part, this plan calls for building dense, mixed-use, transit-oriented developments where people can live, work, shop and play. These projects attract more residents, jobs, and businesses.

development concept

Increasingly, these communities are where everyone from millennials to baby boomers want to live. For example, 56 percent of millennials and almost half of active boomers said they want to live in a walkable community, according to a national poll by the American Planning Association in 2014.

In this same survey, two thirds said the best to grow the local economy is to invest in transportation choices, schools, and walkable communities. This belief is even stronger among millennials—74 percent agree this the path to economic growth.

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