Who Are We? Annual Demographics Report Now Available

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If you’re in a trivia league and someone asks, “how many people live in Fairfax County?,” you can answer with confidence: 1,142,888 people.

This number is now available as part of our annual demographics report, which also features population estimates and forecasts; housing units and their characteristics; residential development activity; and commercial and industrial gross floor area. The information is broken down by Board of Supervisors’ districts, towns, planning districts, human services regions, ZIP codes and census tracts.

This report also unlocks the baseline data points as to who we are as a county and community — which then fuels other decisions such as next week’s proposed budget for the next fiscal year and beyond.

There are hundreds of stats to examine in the report, but here are a few noteworthy numbers:


Young, Old and In Between

  • 26.4 percent of residents are children under age 20
  • 11.5 percent of residents are age 65 and older
  • 62.1 percent are the rest of us in between!

demographic data


Education Levels

We continue to be a very educated county, one that attracts top talent and companies here. The latest stats show a 60 percent average for bachelor’s degrees or higher among men and women.

education levels


Household Income

For years, Fairfax County has been noted nationally for having some of the highest household incomes in the country. That trend continues based on the latest data, but it’s important to note the whole scale of household incomes, not just the top.

household income chart


Rental Housing Expenses

The income chart above is important to consider in the context of housing. According to our new report, $62,442 is the annual income needed to rent the average market rate one bedroom apartment. The average monthly rental rate for any type of housing in the county is $1,750.

rental income



View Report and Data

You can view the full report and interactive data to learn more about the community we call home:

View Demographics Report View Interactive Data


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