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Program TARGET Information

Fairfax County’s proximity to Washington DC, various military bases, prestigious universities and world headquarters for large corporations, is drawing people from all over the United States and other countries who make Fairfax their home, either on a temporary or permanent basis. With a significant number of vehicles in the county with out of state plates, Fairfax County residents are reaching out to their county government reporting vehicles in their neighborhoods with non-Virginia license plates that may be evading personal property taxation. The perception is that if a vehicle has out-of-state license plates the owner is not registering their vehicles with Virginia DMV within 30 days as required and not registering the vehicle in the jurisdiction where the vehicle is garaged. There may be instances however, where the owner of a vehicle with non-Virginia plates may be military temporarily living in Fairfax due to military order and their permanent residence is elsewhere, or students attending school from other states, or people visiting family members residing in Fairfax County.

The Target Program was implemented as a mechanism to enforce compliance of the personal property tax laws in Fairfax County. It provides our residents an effective channel to communicate with our office in reporting vehicles that may be evading personal property taxation, and an effective way to participate in the public process of ensuring everyone living in Fairfax County pays their fair share.

Our program includes:

An online anonymous reporting portal for citizens to provide tips
A robust research process to identify vehicles, owners and clear nexus to Fairfax County
Two-way status communication
An efficient IT platform allowing us to manage large volume of tips

As part of the two-way status communication, residents can check on the status of previously reported tips online, simply by providing the license plate number of a previous tip. Status messages include:

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