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The 19th Circuit Court of Virginia has video/evidence systems available for court use. The systems enable attorneys to present evidence simultaneously to everyone in the courtroom through a network of video monitors or solely with the use of a pull down screen and a projector.

The systems allow attorneys to:

  • Show documents stored electronically on an attorney-provided laptop.
  • Magnify portions of a document or a small piece of physical evidence.
  • Show Power Point presentations directly from their laptops.
  • Display videotape or DVD evidence.
  • Play audiotape evidence.

The systems also allow attorneys or witnesses to annotate documents or videotaped images on touch screens and print the annotated evidence for later review by a judge or jury.

In addition to the features listed above the courtrooms have telephone and video conference call capability.

The High Tech Courtrooms include a 17-inch video monitor/touch screen at the podium on which evidence is displayed and annotated, a remote system control panel and a document camera that transmits document images to the monitors. In addition to documents, the camera can display small three-dimensional objects, photographs, negatives and x-rays. The podium also provides a DVD/VCR/audiotape combination player as well as a connection for an attorney-provided laptop.

Witnesses can view and annotate documents on their own monitor/touch screen. The judge has a control panel and monitor and the court clerk has a control panel as well.

At each counsel table, a 17-inch annotation-capable touch screen monitor displays the evidence. There is also a connection available for attorneys to connect their laptops to present evidence from the tables.

There are two 42-inch Plasma monitors on each side of the gallery for viewing.

The jury box contains eight 17-inch monitors; meaning there is one monitor for every two jurors.

A mobile video evidence system is also available for use in any courtroom. The components of the mobile and permanent video evidence systems are similar.

Attorneys interested in using the systems must fill out and submit the form below. At least two weeks notification is required.

Should the case SETTLE or be CONTINUED it is the responsibility of the ATTORNEY to submit a cancellation form.

A new reservation form will be required for the new continued date.

Failure to adhere to these policies may jeopardize future use of the High Tech Courtrooms.

Items marked with asterisks are required.


Attorney Name : *

Plaintiff or Defendant: *

Case Number : *

Trial Date xx/xx/xxxx : *

Length of Trial (days) :

Equipment: DVD VCR

High Tech Courtroom (document camera, laptop connection, etc.) : Yes No

Please describe what will you will be presenting for your case below : *

Contact phone number: *

Contact email address : *


The High Tech Courtrooms have remote videoconference capability for hearings and trials. The courtrooms use ISDN lines to connect to any foreign or domestic ISDN compliant videoconferencing system.

Process - Parties must get approval from a judge prior to requesting a remote videoconference. Once that approval has been established, parties must contact the Circuit Court IT Department at (703) 246-2366. Failure to contact the IT Department will void the videoconference.

Testing - No less than 48 hours prior to the hearing or trial date, there will be a mandatory connection test from the remote site to the court to validate that there is a reliable connection. This test will be repeated thirty minutes before the case is scheduled to proceed. The remote site used for testing must be the same remote site to be used for the hearing or trial. It is the policy of the Circuit Court that the remote site is responsible for initiating the connection for testing and the actual court date.

Display - Once the videoconference is established, the video display that is mounted behind where a witness would sit in the courtroom is where the remote individual will be shown. Individuals at the remote site and in the courtroom will be able to see and hear what is going on at both locations.

For any system reservation, at least two weeks notification is required. The systems are available on a first-come, first-served basis. The systems are run by the attorneys, not by court staff.

Orientation prior to use of the equipment is strongly encouraged. Please contact the Circuit Court IT Department at (703) 246-2366 to set up an appointment.

If you need to bring your own equipment to the courthouse, please call (703) 246-3279 to clear it with security.



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