Court Technology Office (CrTO)

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Zaki Horany
Court Technology Officer

Court Technology Office (CrTO)

The Court Technology Office (CrTO) coordinates research and facilitates automation and technological enhancements throughout the court system; to include:

  • Circuit Court & Records
  • General District Court
  • Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court
  • Office of the Commonwealth's Attorney
  • Office of the Sheriff
  • Police
  • Fairfax Bar Association
  • Fairfax Law Library


Substantial opportunities exist by centralizing courtroom technology between the three courts and sharing resources and infrastructure. The CrTO was created to provide a means of developing, coordinating and implementing courtroom technology and automated information systems to improve and streamline court management and operations for the 40 courtroom facility and related support offices and programs. The CrTO is a Department of Information Technology function supporting all three Courts, managed by a Court Technology Officer, under the direction of the Chief Judge, Clerk of the Court and the Fairfax County Chief Technology Officer.

Fairfax County’s investment in high-tech courtrooms  for the Circuit Court, General District Court and Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court provide solutions to many types of legal and logistical challenges.Image of high tech courtroom in Fairfax

Fairfax County’s Courtroom Technology Management System (CTMS) is a state-of-the-art courtroom management, presentation, and control system.  All CTMS courtrooms include multiple flat screen displays allowing the judge, jury, and gallery to view unobstructed presentations of evidence with the ability to pause, enhance, annotate, and print. The courtrooms contain touch-screen panels for the judge, clerk, and users to manage multiple microphones and video displays located at the judges’ bench, clerks’ station, court recorder station, attorney tables and podium, jury box, and spectator gallery. Prisoner arraignments are conducted on a daily basis both locally and remotely from any of the high-tech courtrooms saving significant staff and travel time. The evidence presentation system accommodates various electronic evidence sources including laptops, document cameras and mobile devices.  The CTMS is overseen by the Court Technology Office (CrTO) and was developed in partnership with the three Fairfax County Courts and the Fairfax County Department of Information Technology. Currently 32 high-tech courtrooms (Circuit Court – 14, General District Court – 9, Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court – 9) are operational within the 40-courtroom facility.

Image of high tech courtroom in FairfaxThe high-tech courtrooms provide the capabilities for:

Integrated and electronic evidence presentation with multiple flat-screen displays;

Wireless capability to connect mobile devices to CTMS;

Video conferencing for virtual hearings, arraignments, remote witness and protected witness;

Integrated assistive listening and interpretive systems;

Judges’ control of the technologies from the bench;

Overflow capacity to observe courtroom activity from another courtroom;

Please e-mail Court Technology Office (CrTO), if you have any questions.


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