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The Online Scheduling System (OSS) allows Attorneys to schedule their own domestic and civil case trial dates - both jury and non-jury - without ever having to come to the Courthouse.

The goal of this program is to save Attorneys and Staff time and money by allowing users to select and schedule domestic and civil case trial dates online without having to come to the Courthouse for Term Day. Attorneys will also be able to schedule trials prior to receiving a Term Day notice if service is complete and all parties agree on a trial date.

You can access the OSS Request page at:

Before Using

Please note:

  • OSS requires the submitting attorney certify they have conferred with all counsel of record (or pro se litigants) prior to submitting the OSS request.
  • You can use OSS up to noon on the Friday prior to Term Day; otherwise, you will need to appear at Term Day.
  • OSS can only be used to schedule NEW trials.
  • Service must be completed before trial.
  • For Civil Cases – The Trial date must be set within 12 months from the date of service.
  • For Domestic Cases – The Trial date must be set within 15 months of the filing date.
  • If you request a date beyond the timeframe listed above, you MUST set your case for Term Day.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: You can make up to 3 trial date selections in the priority you choose. Because you are competing with other court patrons for the same dates, it is required that you select 3 dates so that your request is not rejected because a trial date is no longer available.

A: The term “available dates” refers to the number of open trial dates for a particular day. When using OSS, Attorneys can select the Trial Date Length view a calendar that shows the number of slots currently available based on the estimated length of the case and whether a jury trial is requested.

A: Parties should receive a response within 2-3 business days. If a response has not been received within 5 days from when the request was submitted, contact the Case Status Team at (703) 246-2880.

A: Yes, a copy of the scheduling order will be emailed to you and the other attorneys on the case as well as any other parties whose email was included on the initial OSS request.

A: OSS requests can only be submitted for one hearing at a time. On the OSS Form, you can select the type of domestic hearing you are scheduling.

A: Attorneys must make the OSS request. However, a party does not have to have representation for OSS to be used. The Attorney submitting the request are required include an email address for the other parties or their attorneys in the OSS submission.


For assistance, please contact the Case Status Team at (703) 246-2880 (TTY 711).

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