Car Registration/Tax Compliance

Vehicles garaged in Fairfax County are required to register with the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and display Virginia license plates within 30 days of purchase or move in to Virginia. Vehicles are also required to register with Fairfax County within 60 days
Virginia license plates may be obtained when the vehicle is registered with the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles. For your convenience, the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles’ DMV 2 Go customer service van is frequently scheduled to visit the Fairfax County Government Center.
There may be instances when vehicles are not required to register and display Virginia license plate. Some of these include:
     1. Active military or active military spouses temporarily living in Fairfax due to military order.
     2. Non-resident students enrolled as full-time students in an accredited institution of learning in Virginia. (Full-time college students are also subject to the Personal Property (Car) tax based on the domicile of the owner; see for more information.)
     3. People visiting family members residing in Fairfax County.
This site allows citizens to report vehicles that may not be in compliance with the registration and the Personal Property tax laws. The two options below can be used to enter information of vehicles with out of state plates for staff to research, or to check on the status of previously reported vehicles.
To report a new vehicle, click on the link ('Report a new vehicle with non-Virginia license plate'). To check the status of a previously reported vehicle, click on the link ('Check status of a previously reported vehicle').

Vehicles owned by Fairfax County residents who display out-of-state license plates on their vehicle rather than Virginia license plates as required by state law within 30 days of purchase or residency are subject to Fairfax County's local No Plate tax. Valid temporary Virginia plates are acceptable.
The No Plate Tax refers to the following assessed annually (in addition to the County's local Personal Property (Car) tax:
$100 Tax (Section 4-17.3-1. Local motor vehicle license plate tax).
$250 Penalty (Section 4-17.3-5. Penalty)
Privacy Act Notice: In accordance with the Code of Virginia, Section 58.1-3, confidential information obtained in the investigation of these reports shall not be divulged.

Thank you for your interest and assistance in this program!

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