Non-County Fee

Roster Verification and Payment of Non-County Fee

***Effective with the Fall 2009 season, a $30 non-county resident fee will be applicable for youth and adult participants.

The Fairfax County Department of Neighborhood and Community Services (NCS) has established the following non-county residency policy and procedures for verifying youth and adult rosters and accepting payment of non-county resident fees for organizations or groups of individuals using Fairfax County athletic facilities (fields and gymnasiums). NOTE: The non-county resident fee is a separate fee that is assessed in addition to any other NCS fees (e.g., application fee).

Residency Requirements

All organizations and groups of individuals requesting allocation of athletic facilities must originate from a Fairfax County address and serve Fairfax County residents.

Definition: A non-county resident is any individual not residing in Fairfax County, the City of Fairfax, or the Towns of Clifton, Herndon, or Vienna.

Adult Requirements: At least 75% of the participants in an adult sports organization or group of individuals must be Fairfax County residents and each team within the organization must be comprised of at least 67% Fairfax County residents. The residency requirements (75%/67%), but not the fee, will be waived for adult teams whose membership is comprised entirely of full-time employees of a business located in Fairfax County. Any such business must submit written verification on company letterhead with a list of all roster names signed by a representative of the business who is not on the team as a player or manager.

Youth Requirements: At least 90% of participants in a youth organization must be Fairfax County residents. At least 75% of participants from applicants that represent a single team not participating in any other organization receiving facility allocations from NCS must be County residents.

Non-County Resident Fee

Out-of-County Team(s), Scheduling, Fees and Reciprocity.  Application and out-of-county fees may be waived when the team provides to the sponsoring county organization the equivalent of at least 50% of its use space in their “home” jurisdiction (not Fairfax County).  For example, if an out-of-county team plays 10 games in a league sponsored by a Fairfax County organization, the application and out-of-county fees may be waived for that team if the team contributes to the Fairfax County organization at least 5 game slots in a comparable location in their “home” jurisdiction.

A $30 non-county resident fee is assessed for each participant who is a non-county resident. This fee is assessed for every non-county resident on every roster during every NCS scheduling season. (e.g., If a non-county participant is on two teams in a single season, that individual would be assessed the non-county fee twice.)

An athletic league or group of individuals must conclude its operations within 16 weeks of beginning (including practices, games, and tournaments/playoffs). Additional allocation beyond 16 weeks will be assessed an additional non-county resident fee of $30 per non-county resident.

***For use prior to the Fall 2009 season, the non-county fee is $20 and is applicable for adult participants only.

Roster Submission and Payment of Non-County Resident Fees

Applicants must submit their rosters and non-county fees at the same time as their application fees are due. See the fee schedule for more information on these due dates.

  1. League/group organizers are responsible for submitting to NCS their team or group rosters by the deadlines indicated in the section above. All organizations must identify one point of contact, their name and day time phone number in order to answer questions concerning the fee payment and roster submissions. Rosters for each team must include the following:
    1. Organization name
    2. Team name
    3. Manager or coach’s contact information (adult teams only; contact information must incldude name, address, phone number and e-mail address)
    4. Name, address, phone number, and age (if under 19) for each player and indication of whether the player is or is not a Fairfax County resident

  2. Rosters, payment, and the applicant’s roster summary sheet may be submitted electronically to or mailed or hand delivered to:

Fairfax County Department of Neighborhood and Community Services
Athletic Services Division

12011 Government Center Parkway
Suite 1050
Fairfax, VA 22035-1115

  1. Organizations/groups should submit one payment for all of the non-county residents that participate in their program. Checks should be made payable to NCS. Credit cards are also accepted.

  2. Rosters will not be reviewed on the spot. Staff will review the information submitted and notify the organization’s point of contact of any problems.

  3. The following individuals are exempt from the non-county resident fee. They are still subject to other NCS fees (e.g., application fee):
    1. Tournament participants
    2. One-time use participants. NOTE: Applicants are prohibited from submitting multiple applications for such events in an effort to circumvent this policy
    3. Military personnel and their dependents that submit a copy of their valid military identification card.
    4. Individuals who own property in Fairfax County and pay real estate taxes to the county (but live outside the county), if they provide a copy of their tax receipt.
    5. George Mason University athletes who are members of a team that participates in NCAA sanctioned athletic events when their team, as a unit, uses NCS scheduled sports facilities. Players on intramural or community sports teams (such as a women’s slow pitch softball team) are not exempt.
    6. Individuals domiciled in facilities located within Fairfax County/City for the treatment of drug/alcohol or other debilitating diseases, and who receive assistance from other County agencies.
    7. Participants in the Fairfax County Employees Softball League.

Verification Process

NCS will conduct random roster audits to verify the accuracy of the organizational rosters. Roster information may be verified via facility visits, phone calls, matches with various Fairfax County databases, review of documents for proof of residency, or other methods.

  1. If an applicant is selected for an audit, NCS will notify the applicant via email or telephone that proof of residency information for each Fairfax County resident listed on the roster must be received within 9 working days. Residency verification may be provided by copies of:
    1. Current driver’s license or DMV identification
    2. Military identification
    3. Passport
    4. Fairfax County Public Schools student identification card
    5. Other sources, if approved in advance by NCS

  2. NCS also may obtain residency verification through other county resources such as tax assessment and voters registration databases.

  3. The information requested in the audit may be submitted to NCS via mail or in person (by appointment only)

  4. The applicant will be notified of the audit results. If the roster is disapproved, the league applicant will be notified and will have 4 working days to resolve the problem and resubmit the required proof of residency information.

  5. NCS will not review rosters or proof of residency documents on a walk in basis without appointments. If requested, NCS will return the proof of residency documents to the applicant after review.

  6. All applicants must have a copy of their rosters on site for random reviews. All adults must have a copy of their driver’s license or proof of residency on hand for inspection at games.

Violation of the Policy and Procedures

Applicants are expected to monitor team rosters and document all out-of-county players. If the requirements for proof of residency are not met according to the deadlines and policies as indicated above:

  1. The applicant will be fined $100.00 for each team in violation and are expected to submit within 10 days payment for those out-of-county adults not previously listed on the roster. If teams in violation decide not to continue their involvement in the organized program, the fine would not be applicable.

  2. Facility allocation may be adjusted to account for the reduced number of players and space will be redistributed to other organizations.

  3. For repeat offenses, the group or organization’s permit will be terminated immediately and the allocated space redistributed to other organizations. The organization or group will be required to submitted proof of residency prior to approval of permits in subsequent years.

Roster Privacy

NCS will not share roster information with anyone outside of NCS, unless we are legally compelled to release it through the Virginia Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). For more information, including details on FOIA waivers for youth, please see our roster privacy page.

For Assistance

NCS is committed to ensuring the equitable allocation and use of Fairfax County athletic facilities and as such are willing to discuss various ways your organization or group can meet the requirements of the policy and verification procedures. For additional information or assistance contact the Athletic Services Division at or 703-324-5533, TTY 711.

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