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October 2023 – Code Compliance Corner

Fitted Vehicle Covers

outdoor storage flyer
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With falling leaves, cooler temperatures, and winter weather coming, you may decide to protect your vehicles with fitted covers. The Zoning Ordinance has regulations about vehicles under cover. Here is some information to help keep you in compliance.

  • On lots located in Residential Zoning Districts and residential areas of Planned Districts, up to two vehicles can be stored outside under a fitted cover. Additional vehicles may be kept outside on the lot, but not under a cover.
  • There are no regulations specific to fitted vehicle covers for commercial or industrial zoning districts.
  • Vehicles under a tarp are regulated as outdoor storage. Limitations on outdoor storage vary based on zoning district. To learn more about outdoor storage regulations, please visit our website.

Information about vehicle covers and other vehicle storage regulations is available in an informational flyer.


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