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Fairfax County Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan is required by state law to be used as a guide in decision-making about the built and natural environment by the County's Board of Supervisors and other agencies, such as the Planning Commission. 

Sections of the Comprehensive Plan are updated periodically to incorporate Plan amendments adopted by the Board of Supervisors. The Web edition of the Comprehensive Plan is the most up-to-date. The "Amended Through [date]" in each section header of The Plan, identifies when that section was last updated. 

The Plan consists of several components:  
Policy Plan Plan Areas Plan Districts  Special Areas Plan Map
Where to Go for Help Transportation Plan Map Bicycle Plan Map  Trails Plan Map Plan Glossary Comprehensive Plan Map Tool

Policy Plan

The Policy Plan outlines the objectives, policies, and guidelines to guide planning and development review considerations toward implementing county goals. The goals address the future development pattern of Fairfax County, and protection of natural and cultural resources for present and future generations.  

Plan Areas

The four Area Plans (Area I, Area II, Area III, and Area IV) identify key elements for implementing the Policy Plan's goals and objectives at the more detailed Planning District and Community Planning Sector levels.

Plan Maps

The Comprehensive Plan Map illustrates planned land uses, transportation improvements and public facilities with the Countywide Transportation Plan Map and the Countywide Trails Plan Map providing a detailed view of those respective elements of the Plan.

Plan Glossary

In addition a Glossary contains an alphabetical listing defining terms as they are used in the context of the Comprehensive Plan. Used together, these elements comprise a dynamic document which is used by the Board of Supervisors, the Planning Commission, county staff and the public to guide land use, transportation and public facility decision making.

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